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3 Steps To Prepare Your Business Suit For Dry Cleaning

6 August 2019
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Wearing business suits is often expected with most corporate jobs but getting them clean can be stressful. Dry cleaning not only gives your business suit a near-new appearance but also prolongs its shelf life. This means you don't have to keep spending hundreds of dollars on new suits. If you're planning to get your business suit dry cleaned, here are some ways to prepare: Avoid Placing The Suit For Too Long In Plastic Read More …

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In my hairdressing salon we like to have our hairdressers looking as professional as possible, so we have a corporate uniform. I want them to feel good, though, so it's important that our uniform suits all of our staff, no matter what their body type. In our line of work, where we are selling personal appearance, you need to make sure that your staff are looking great at all times. Our uniform needs to be non-fussy and easy to wash, as well as being easy to move in. Hairdressing is a lot more physical than many people realise. This blog is all about hairdressing uniforms.