Are you considering using a corporate uniform for your hairdressing business? Learn more about finding a non-fussy uniform option.

2 factors to consider when buying a new pair of boots

24 October 2018
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If you need a new pair of boots, here are some factors you should take into consideration before buying them. 1. How long you want the boots to last It's important to consider how long you need the boots to last, as this will help you to determine how much money you should spend on them. If for example, you're going on a one-off trip, during which you will be doing quite a bit of hiking, but you don't plan on partaking in this activity when you return from your trip, then there is no point in spending a few hundred dollars on a high-end pair of hiking boots. Read More …

3 Perfect Situations To Wear Corporate Uniforms

25 January 2018
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Corporate uniforms help to create awareness about your brand and a sense of identity among your employees. As long as employees are wearing branded uniforms, it creates a connection with the company and motivates them to enhance their productivity. Additionally, it makes it easier for your clients to identify your employees when they are being served. Below are various situations that are ideal for wearing corporate uniforms.  During trade fairs Read More …

Saving Money on Nappies as Mum of Multiples

30 March 2016
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If the bundle of joy you are expecting includes more than one baby, you might be a little intimidated by the potential cost of nappies for the first few years. Here are some ways to help keep the cost down while juggling multiple kids in nappies.  Consider using cloth or eco nappies While using eco nappies can seem like a lot of work, especially if you are already expecting multiple children, modern designs are much easier to use and cleaner than the nappies of the past. Read More …

Quick Tips for Buying Trolley Cases Online

28 March 2016
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If you need a new trolley case or suitcase of any sort, you might immediately turn to an online retailer to shop. This can give you more options and choices than what you might see in brick-and-mortar stores, and allow you to easily find just what you need. However, this also means you can't actually see the case in person before you make a purchase. To ensure you get a quality case, note a few quick but important tips before you buy. Read More …

Consider These 3 Things When Selecting Cricket Shirts For Your Kid

19 March 2016
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If your kid loves cricket, you will want to buy them cricket apparel. When looking for cricket shirts for them it is important to find the right one that will enhance the cricket playing experience. This is because choosing the wrong clothing for him or her will affect their playing potential. Therefore, when looking for cricket shirts for your little one, here are three things you should have in mind.  Read More …

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In my hairdressing salon we like to have our hairdressers looking as professional as possible, so we have a corporate uniform. I want them to feel good, though, so it's important that our uniform suits all of our staff, no matter what their body type. In our line of work, where we are selling personal appearance, you need to make sure that your staff are looking great at all times. Our uniform needs to be non-fussy and easy to wash, as well as being easy to move in. Hairdressing is a lot more physical than many people realise. This blog is all about hairdressing uniforms.