Why Coin Laundries Still Offer a Competitive Service

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Why Coin Laundries Still Offer a Competitive Service

7 April 2021
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For a long time, the coin laundry was a popular way to get your clothes washed on a budget as they provided all the machines and all you had to do was pop a couple of dollars in the slot and you could have a freshly washed wardrobe for the week. However, as washing machines became more and more affordable and compact, coin laundries have seen a decreasing presence. That is a big shame because coin laundries have done a lot to keep up with the market and now offer more benefits than ever before. Here are a few reasons why a trip to the nearest laundromat could be worthwhile. 

Bigger Machines For Heavier Items 

Trying to wash bedding and quilts and perhaps even curtains can be an absolute nightmare in small, residential washing machines. The power required to make sure these items get thoroughly cleaned is just not there in most washing machines, which is why a laundromat will often carry special, more heavy-duty washing machines. These can get your thick quilts and other linen back into the shape they were when you first bought them, and they don't cost all that much more than a regular machine to use. Even if you don't need to wash your clothes at a laundromat, washing heavy linen is a great idea.

Everything In One Stop

It is not uncommon to forget to buy washing powder or fabric softener or whatever else you may need when washing your clothes. Sometimes you remember to buy it but get the wrong type by accident, rendering it basically useless anyway. A coin laundry has a lot of different options that you can pick from when it comes to cleaning liquids. They can also dry your clothes as well, meaning you can walk in with a bunch of dirty outfits and walk out with clothes much fresher than what you could accomplish at home with your older and less powerful washing machine. 

Fun Extras

A coin laundry will often have little extra services that you can utilise, such as an area to wash your pets or the ability to log into the business's wifi. This means it becomes a bit of an all-in-one shop where you have everything you need to kill the time it takes for your clothes to get washed. They even sometimes have products you can buy to wash your car too. Have a look at the website of your local laundromat, you may be surprised at the value on offer if you go searching.

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