Why Hi-Vis Workwear Is So Important

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Why Hi-Vis Workwear Is So Important

19 March 2020
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If you are just starting out in the construction industry or beginning a trade, you have no doubt come into contact with the hi-vis workwear uniform that most people in these areas have to wear. When looked at with no context, it may seem strange to see people doing such serious work with such highly fluorescent colours like orange or yellow. Here are a few reasons why you see so many people in hi-vis workwear.

Not Just For The Night

It is easy to see that hi-vis workwear would be good at shining in very dark conditions, but that is not the sole reason behind the colours. In World War 2, many pilots had reversible jackets with the same orange colour you will see on hi-vis workwear today, and that is because it is a colour the eye picks up more easily in virtually any condition. Those pilots had those jackets because they needed to be seen from the sky so they could be rescued. In the same way, tradies and construction workers need to be able to be seen by everyone on site whether they are in a crane, hundreds of feet in the air or in the darkest corner of the site operating machinery. 

Stronger And Durable

You might not realise this, but many of the chemicals used in hi-vis workwear to make it shine brightly also make it very good at surviving the harsh environment it is put through on a worksite. Almost all hi-vis workwear is waterproof while also being very easy to get any dirt off in short order. The one thing you have to be careful about with hi-vis workwear is that you do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning it, or you may destroy the protective coating on the hi-visibility elements of the clothing. Barring that, hi-vis workwear can last for decades with little special care shown to it.

A Good Uniform For A Company

It is always good to know who is a professional working on a site and who is just someone walking by or visiting. Hi-vis workwear immediately marks someone out on a worksite as being part of the people working so that you can call on them if need be. On large sites with hundreds of people milling about, this can be very helpful as a uniform. If everyone had to provide their own clothing or come up with their own workwear, there would be far less efficient crews and constant confusion, especially at the start of projects. 

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