Quick Tips for Buying Trolley Cases Online

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Quick Tips for Buying Trolley Cases Online

28 March 2016
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If you need a new trolley case or suitcase of any sort, you might immediately turn to an online retailer to shop. This can give you more options and choices than what you might see in brick-and-mortar stores, and allow you to easily find just what you need. However, this also means you can't actually see the case in person before you make a purchase. To ensure you get a quality case, note a few quick but important tips before you buy.

1. Casters

Always note the material used for the casters. Plastic is good for finished floors as it's less likely to leave marks than rubber, but plastic casters are usually lightweight and not as durable as rubber. This can be a problem for those who travel often and put lots of wear and tear on their cases; the plastic may break or chip sooner than a more durable rubber piece.

2. Hinges

If you're buying a hard plastic case, you may note large hinges that seem very durable. However, don't be fooled by appearance alone; some hinges are meant as a decorative touch and may be oversized simply to make them look good. If they're a lightweight aluminum or plastic, those hinges may wear out very quickly. Look for a solid brass or stainless steel when it comes to hinges and shop for quality material, rather than buying by the size of the hinges alone.

3. Know your limitations

Many airlines today have limitations for carry-on bags, so if you're searching for something you can keep in the seat with you, check size limitations before you shop. You'll also want to check the weight limit of a trolley case, if you use it to carry product samples or anything that is heavier than standard clothing and toiletry items. Putting too much weight in your case will increase the risk of a caster breaking or of the handles and seams coming apart.

4. Don't skimp on convenience

If you only travel once a year then you may not care about how convenient it is to use your trolley case, but for regular travelers, note how many storage pockets it has and opt for four spinning wheels rather than two fixed wheels. Consider a shoulder strap along with a handle you use to pull the case behind you. These may seem like small features but they can make traveling much easier on you overall and make your trolley case a good investment that lasts for years.

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