Consider These 3 Things When Selecting Cricket Shirts For Your Kid

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Consider These 3 Things When Selecting Cricket Shirts For Your Kid

19 March 2016
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If your kid loves cricket, you will want to buy them cricket apparel. When looking for cricket shirts for them it is important to find the right one that will enhance the cricket playing experience. This is because choosing the wrong clothing for him or her will affect their playing potential. Therefore, when looking for cricket shirts for your little one, here are three things you should have in mind. 

Choose the Correct Size

Choosing the right fitting cricket shirt for your kid is very important. You do not want to buy too clingy or tight shirt that will get in the way of your kid's movement when batting a shot, or bowling among other cricket activities. Finding the perfectly fitting shirt for your child may not be easy. Therefore, in order to ensure that your child can move easily when playing cricket, choose loose fitting shirts. For this reason, you need to take your child with you when buying the shirts or take their body measurements when making an order for the shirts.

Choose the Correct Material and Fabric

Choosing the correct material ensures the comfort of your kid when playing. This is because as your kid plays, the cricket shirt will retain a significant amount of sweat, which can make him or her very uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can enhance the comfort level of the shirts by choosing breathable materials. Avoid fabrics such as pure cotton that can be soaked in sweat easily. Instead, choose fabrics such as polyester microfiber that have lightweight and fast-drying characteristics. The great breathability of these materials will ensure that when sweat forms on the body of your child, it dries off quickly.

Consider Health Concerns

While your child will be enjoying his or her favourite game on the field, they will also be engaging in physical exercise, which is good for their health. Therefore, if you are concerned about the health of your child when engaging in this physical activity, you can consider buying smart shirts. Smart shirts come with additional features such as biometric sensors that can record things such as the breathing rate, the heart rate, and the blood pressure of your kid when playing. This will give you an opportunity to monitor the health of your child anytime they go out on the field. While smart shirts can be expensive, the added ability to monitor the health is worth the investment.  

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